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Zonda offers an approachable and intuitive
way to access real-time data across the
United States. With detailed maps,
comprehensive data and interpretive
narrative, we deliver all the key
housing market information in a
user-friendly format & on-the-go.


Search, save and monitor hot spots ripe
for opportunity. Uncover nearby project
trends such as monthly absorption rates,
inventory and remaining lots available
as well as demographics important to
homebuyers such as schools, crime rates
and job market conditions.


With over 275 metrics influencing the
housing industry, Zonda provides access
to monthly and annual historical trends,
future projections and real time narrative
reported by seasoned analysts
across the country.


Easily create and manage a digital library
of your sites, including site details,
field pictures and time-stamped notes.
Automatically create site price charts
by circling projects and closings on the map.


Get lean, elegantly formatted market,
site and project reports generated in
just seconds. Easily email a PDF version
to your colleagues.


If registered:
  • “Zonda has taken accessing data and tracking market trends from an onerous to an
    effortless activity.”
    — Matt Gibson
    Land Acquisition Manager
    Richmond American Homes (CA)
  • “Zonda is a tremendous resource for me and my team. In a world where time is a valuable commodity, Zonda is saving us time assembling accurate information.”
    — Tom Immler
    Director of Sales, Marketing & Operations
    John Michael Home Communities (TX)
  • “Zonda is a fantastic tool at streamlining access to vital industry information. I get a quick, birds-eye view of the local market before
    I even see a site in person.”
    — Adam Monaghan
    Acquisitions Manager
    Community Dynamics (CA)
  • “Zonda has made it easy for land brokers to relate up-to-date market information to customers. The benefits of real-time data have changed the way I do business.”
    — Mike Kboudi
    Managing Director
    DTZ (CO)
  • “Zonda is extremely useful for anyone looking for detailed market information. The app has everything and more. New features are
    constantly being added.”
    — Davis Nelson
    Land Acquisitions
    Trumark Homes (CA)
  • “Zonda streamlines property research and helps with preliminary evaluations. I love it. Plus, it generates graphs that help me make
    presentations quickly.”
    — John Jarecki
    Land Acquisition Manager
    Premier United Communities (CA)
  • “Zonda provides an invaluable analysis of the markets we serve. I use it to evaluate every real estate investment opportunity I review.”
    — Brian Cutting
    Land Acquisitions
    Woodside Homes (CA)


Contact our regional sales directors for a demo for you and your team.
  • West

    Rick Baldonado


    (877) 966-3210 x710

    A passionate 17 year homebuilding industry veteran, Rick helps clients leverage breakthrough technologies to be successful in today’s competitive housing market.

    Areas Covered:
    California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington
  • West


    (877) 966-3210 x737

    Matt has 18 years of real estate experience specializing in sales, marketing, investment banking, asset management, acquisitions and development.

    Areas Covered:
    California, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah
  • Deanna has more than 15 years experience in the home building industry with a focus on market research, land acquisition, sales and marketing.

    Areas Covered:
    Washington, Oregon
  • Central


    (877) 966-3210 x705

    Lloyd has been heavily engaged in various real estate technology solutions for over 14 years. He is experienced in new home sales operations, general real estate and data solutions.

    Areas Covered:
    Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois
  • Central

    Kyle Cheslock


    (877) 966-3210 x736

    Kyle brings over 9 years of sales and marketing experience in the real estate, building materials and technology industries with a focus on innovative solutions.

    Areas Covered:
    Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois
  • East


    (877) 966-3210 x715

    Victor has over 20 years of sales success. His attention to resolving client needs has earned him various national sales. He received his B.A. from University of Maryland.

    Areas Covered:
    Florida, Carolinas, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, DC,
  • East

    Caroline Dentino


    (877) 966-3210 x740

    Caroline has 9+ years of financial and real estate experience specializing in residential and commercial acquisitions. She works closely with investors, developers and attorneys.

    Areas Covered:
    New York, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
  • East


    (877) 966-3210 x713

    John has 20 years of experience in real estate related industries such as builder research, the MLS, wholesale mortgage banking, and title insurance.

    Areas Covered:
    Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee


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